• Carrier-Grade DID Services


    EBO Carrier Inbound Services delivers complete inbound voice and SMS services to customers around the world. The product
    architecure provides call flows that are secure, scalable and of carrier class quality, making FEBO Carrier Inbound Services an industry-leading offering.

    With our voice and SMS enabled dedicated number ranges in different regioins, robust

    network infastructure. SLA-based offerings and enhanced call and SMS forwarding capabilities, FEBO presents a unique solution for inbound voice and SMS services.

    We are committed to your success in meeting your business objectives. You can rely on our global connectivity, telecommunications and experise and supreme customer experience in order to make your business thrive.


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MVNO Mobile Data Services


EBO MVNO is a Mobile Data Operator specializing in data-only services for travel industry. An expert in multi-network data-only
services, FEBO MVNO offers global coverage via a wide variety of networks at prices comparable to local network Data SIMs. FEBO MVNO delivers true roaming multi-network data services that ensure

seamless coverage and service globally. In addition, we offer all our partners exclusive use of our highly intuitive SIM management platform, including real-time data diagnostics and automatic billing at the rates you set. It enables them to speed up administrative and billing processes, concentrating on other aspects of business.

International Carrier Services


EBO ICS offers consistent, complete and cost effective voice termination services through extremely competitive routing plans and strategic carrier partners. With direct interconnects to major local PTTs and MNOs in strategic destinations, FEBO Telecom may be your preferred carrier services provider for such markets.

FEBO ICS offers 2 levels of service based on your voice termination requirements, Voice Directs and A-Z Routing Plan.

FEBO ICS offers the highest quality suppliers access to its huge minute volumes. With over 1 million minutes per day FEBO ICS is your reliable and loyal customer.