Mobile Data

Connectivity is now a basic need. We've made mobile data accessible wherever you roam the world.

What is Mobile Data in our case?

  • Cashback Service

    Cashback Service

    Get cashback for every minute you're on an incoming call through your free FEBO number.

  • Virtual phone number

    Virtual phone number

    Get a unique phone number for receiving calls while abroad.

  • Cashback Service

    Fast internet aboard

    Get connected with faster, cheaper, reliable data while you're somewhere far from home. is a simple solution for every tourist

  • Get cashback for incoming calls! €0.1 per 1 minute*
  • Use cheap and fast internet abroad
  • Make cheap international calls

How it works?

  1. Download the app

  2. Activate your SIM-card

  3. Top up your balance

  4. Surf the internet and call at better tariff rates

  5. Get a cashback of €0.1 per 1 minute

  1. Download the app

  2. Top up your balance

  3. Make phone calls at standard Febo rates using third party internet connection

  4. Get a cashback of €0.5 per 1 minute

What are the advantages?

  • Cheap

    With, you can make calls and stay online for cheaper rates than with roaming or local data.

  • Transparency

    Every cashback you make and every byte of data you consume is tallied and visible, no hidden charges!

  • Simple

    No need to register or enable roaming or setting yourself up with a local SIM!

  • Reliable

    Stay online for family or for business while abroad. Don't lose out on opportunities or the best moments.

Our Advantages

  • Expertise

    FEBO's infrastructure and sophisticated network capabilities combine data and SMS into a powerful A2P SMS platform.

  • Support

    Local and international SMS network backed by FEBO's 24/7/365 Customer Support.

  • Tools

    Intuitive, UX-focused, and powerful management platform for easy configuration, integration, and real-time insights.

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