Micro Billing Solutions

Micro transactions via SMS. Our micro billing solutions instantly broadens your business omnichannel revenue, flexibility and customer engagement.

Easy and accessible gateway to more revenue

SMS is still the most universal access for user transactions and engagement. Get fast answers and payments. Capture those impulse purchases.

Powerful SMS advantage for your company and your customers.

  1. For business

    SMS Payments capture your customer transactions anywhere, anytime, an easy alternate for online app transactions.

  2. For users

    Convenience and thrills combine when you can pay, register or subscribe to services whether or not you're currently connected to a stable internet or have installed a certain app.

  3. For operators

    FEBO Micro Billing Solutions takes care of collection, statistics, reports, and provides a platform for easy management, administration and authorization.


  • Endless opportunities

    Endless opportunities

    SMS transactions capture your audience at their peak excitement. Grab those micro payments for subscriptions, votes and credits for mobile games.

  • Global operations

    Global operations

    Enjoy FEBO's worldwide partnerships with operators. Serve your clients with SMS payments available globally

  • Direct collections

    Direct collections

    All your SMS payments are collected into your FEBO Micro Billing Solutions account platform, where you and your team can easily access statistics and generate reports.

  • Convenient management

    Convenient management

    Easily handle several SMS payment projects in one easy to access/use account. Login and get free technical support from our documentation and client service managers.

How to Implement?

API-Based Integration

Your programmers can easily test and integrate via our technical documentation, robust PHP library and prepared plugins.

Virtual phone number

We issue your numbers and all you have to do is publish and announce them to your clients and customers

Our Advantages

  • Expertise

    Gain advantage of FEBO's innovative technology and decades of expertise in the industry.

  • Support

    24/7/365 free consultation and support from our client service managers.

  • Tools

    Access tools, technical documentation and a library of codes and plugins on the platform.

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