Virtual Numbers — SMS

SMS-enabled numbers to connect enterprises to end users. The most reliable data transfer to integrate your SMS messages with your existing systems.

  1. Revolutionizing the Way You Do Business

    Truly omni-channel support and connectivity. Reach your customers and expand your data intake capabilities.

  2. Add Texting Functionality with SMS-Enabled Numbers

    Discover and leverage the opportunities and strengths of SMS.

  3. The SMS Features You Need

    Receive and respond to your SMS through your existing email or CS platforms, with the backup and innovation of FEBO's enterprise solutions.

Discover our project Cash4SMS

Cash4SMS is a cashback app that rewards its users for selling international SMS


Our SMS-enabled numbers are powered by FEBO's local and international network and industry-leading technology for data forwarding, easily integrating with your existing systems.

  • Interactive SMS response
  • High-definition SMS-first experiences
  • Embed SMS capabilities into your service
  • Safeguard platform users’ privacy

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Get the SMS-enabled numbers you need for text campaigns and customer responses, at scale.

Our Advantages

  • Expertise

    FEBO's infrastructure and sophisticated network capabilities for Voice, also in SMS-enabled numbers that deliver your customer messages where you need them.

  • Support

    Local and international SMS network backed by FEBO's 24/7/365 Customer Support.

  • Tools

    Intuitive, UX-focused, and powerful management platform for easy configuration, integration, and real-time insights.

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